11:00am Morning Service 

6:30pm Evening Service

Our Beliefs

I. Bible

We believe the Bible to be the complete Word of God.


II. God

We believe in one God, Creator of all, holy, sovereign, eternal, existing in three equal Persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit


III. Christ

We believe in the absolute and essential deity of our Lord Jesus Christ


IV. The Holy Spirit

We believe in the absolute and essential deity, and in the personality of the Holy Spirit


V. Satan

We believe that Satan with all heavenly beings was created by God


VI. Creation

We believe that in six, twenty-four hour days, God brought into existence by His creative command, all visible and invisible life and matter


VII. Mankind

We believe that Adam was divinely created in the image of God


VIII. Salvation

We believe that salvation is by the sovereign, electing grace of God, through man’s freely exercised faith


IX. Future things

We believe in the personal, bodily and imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ


X. Church

We believe that the Church is a company of immersed believers, called out from the world, separated unto the Lord Jesus, voluntarily associated for the ministry of the Word, the mutual edification of its members, the propagation of the faith, and the observance of the ordinances